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Yoga Classes

Yoga + Functional Movement (Virtual)

Sundays 4:30-5:30 

A gentle class, focused on correcting common postural and muscular imbalances. A therapeutic approach to yoga combined with self care techniques, this class can be a complement to your activities of work, play, and exercise, as well as a stand-alone self-care practice. 

Payment: donation  

Contact Laura to get on email list for reminders, zoom link ,and payment options.

**If you can't make it live, some recorded versions of the classes available for purchase at MySafeYogaHome Vimeo channel.


Yoga for Rowers (Virtual)

Tuesdays 6-7 pm 

Live-streamed virtual classes through Zoom

To join contact CHaOS Rowing

Email Laura or CHaOS Rowing for questions.

An all levels class designed to complement a rower's workout. The class works to build strength and flexibility that correspond with certain aspects of the stroke, release tension, and build a practice of recovery for rowers at any age or level of rower.

Payment via CHaOS Rowing


**If you can't make it live, some recorded versions of the classes available for purchase at MySafeYogaHome Vimeo channel.

Mobility + Strength Yoga (In person & Virtual)

Thursdays noon-1pm 

Southern Village Clubhouse

601 Brookgreen Dr, Chapel Hill

Hybrid: In person and live-streamed virtual classes through Zoom

Payment: $15

An all levels class with focus on movements that open up joints, create space in the body, increase blood flow to your muscles, and  build strength.

Because our bodies and their histories are all different, modifications, adaptations and variations of poses are encouraged in this class.

Contact Laura to register for in person class (class size limited), to be on the email list for reminders, zoom link and payment options.

**If you can't make it live, some recorded versions of practices available for purchase at MySafeYogaHome Vimeo channel.

Yoga for Living Through Cancer (In person)

Fridays 3-4pm 

Frankling St Yoga Center

The Courtyard
431 W. Franklin Street, Suite 410
Chapel Hill, NC 27516


A class tailored to those undergoing cancer treatment and those in the cancer community (all those affected by cancer- family, caregivers, patients, and medical professionals). The class is designed to help manage the physical and emotional effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment, including practices to regain strength, balance and mobility as well as managing stress, anxiety and depression. Supportive and nurturing, it is a practice of gentle yoga, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation techniques in a community of others who are going through a similar experience.

Register for class on the studio's website here.


"Yoga Under the Stars"

Returning soon...

Morehead Planetarium, UNC-Chapel Hill campus

A yoga class in the dome room of the planetarium. Practice yoga as you view the trip from the outer edge of the universe all the way back to earth. It's a magical experience. An all levels class. Please bring your own mat. Registration required. Sign up on the planetarium website here. You will need to click on the date(s) you want to come to register and pay for the class(es)

Yoga for Athletes

Laura uses her Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology knowledge to tailor a yoga practice to complement your training, to assist with recovery, and to help use meditation and breathing practices to improve your performance and counteract the potentially injurious effects of being physically active.

Book a private session or a session for your team to use yoga to complement your training.

In person and Virtual Sessions available.

Call, text or email Laura to schedule.

Find yoga videos here.

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