Group Classes

Yoga at Sfeer Studio

Mondays 3:45-5:15 

January 6-March 2 (skipping MLK holiday)

200 Britton Dr., Chapel Hill 27516

$15 drop in, $96 for 8 class series (cash or check only)

A class of classical yoga practices with emphasis on finding the intent of the posture and adapting poses to fit your body, your joints, your musculature, your energy level, culminating with relaxation poses. We end with a luxurious savasana (final rest) that allows time and space for your body to integrate all of the good things that the yoga practice has given you and all the good things that the day has brought. Contact Laura for more information about session dates, directions, etc.

Yoga Hour

Tuesdays and Fridays 4:30-5:30 

Thousand Petals Yoga

431 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, Suite 315

An all levels class that is a balanced mix of postures, including standing poses to build strength and balance, poses that allow the spine to move and stretch in all directions to optimize back health and prevent injury, and reclined poses to find flexibility and relaxation for the whole body. Because our bodies and their histories are all different, modifications, adaptations and variations of poses are encouraged in this class.

Sign up for class here.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Wednesdays 3-4pm

Thousand Petals Yoga

431 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, Suite 315

YDesigned for the active adult, seeking to stay healthy and strong. With a focus on building strength and bone density, improving balance and protecting joints as we age, this class is appropriate for practitioners of all levels of experience; this is a good class to learn the basics of yoga and prevent injury, as well as a way to deepen an established practice in a knowledge-driven way. Sign up for class here.

Yoga at Yoga and PT studio

Wednesdays 7:15-8:15 pm

This is a class by invitation. If you would like to be on the invite list, please contact Laura, and she will put you on the email sent out on Tuesday evenings. In this class, we focus on alignment of our bodies in the yoga poses, with emphasis on modifications to minimize injury, achieve the intent of the poses and gain the most benefit from the practice. This being and evening class, we will move gently and end with cooling and calming sequences.

Yoga for Functional Movement

Sundays 4:30-5:45 

Thousand Petals Yoga

431 W. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, Suite 315

A gentle class, focused on correcting common postural and muscular imbalances. A therapeutic approach to yoga combined with self care techniques, this class can be a complement to your activities of work, play, and exercise, as well as a stand-alone self-care practice. Sign up for class here.

"Yoga Under the Stars"

Done Quarterly (next one in the winter season)

Morehead Planetarium, UNC-Chapel Hill campus

A yoga class in the dome room of the planetarium. Practice yoga as you view the trip from the outer edge of the universe all the way back to earth. It's a magical experience. An all levels class. Please bring your own mat. 

Register here.

Yoga for Athletes

Laura uses her Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology knowledge to tailor a yoga practice to complement your training, to assist with recovery, and to help use meditation and breathing practices to improve your performance and counteract the potentially injurious effects of being physically active.

Book a private session or a session for your team to use yoga to complement your training. Call, text or email Laura to schedule.

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