Integrated Positional Therapy

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Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT)

with Laura Terry, PT and certified IPT practitioner

Initial Session $180

Subsequent sessions $140

At Yoga and PT studio

Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT for short) is a gentle therapy that is effective in alleviating neuromuscular pain. IPT treats pain, not just the symptoms, but addresses its root cause: muscular or postural imbalance.  This therapy is based on osteopathic techniques of Muscle Energy Technique and Strain/Counterstrain. These techniques are used to bring the body back into alignment and out of pain gently and quickly by correcting muscular imbalances and realigning the body’s structure.

In the initial session, we will evaluate your pain, your posture, your muscular balance and daily habits and come up with a treatment plan as well as experience treatment.  Follow up sessions will be more focused on treatment after a brief re-evaluation of pain, posture and home routine.  Relief is can be immediate and can be long lasting with routine and simple exercises that can be done at home.


The benefits of IPT

Pain that is recalcitrant and has not responded to other medical treatments or therapies, often responds well to IPT.

IPT effectively treats conditions such as:


• headaches

• fibromyalgia

• neck & shoulder pain

• upper back/shoulder pain

• tennis & golfer's elbow

• low back pain

• carpal tunnel syndrome

• knee pain

• plantar fasciitis

• thoracic outlet syndrome

• Sciatica

• Piriformis Syndrome

• IT band tendonitis

IPT is reimbursable as a physical therapy treatment of neuromuscular re-education. But, since I am a small practice, I don't file insurance. I am out of network with BCBS, United Healthcare and Cigna, and you can file a claim for reimbursement with these insurances.

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Laura has trained under the originator of IPT, Lee Albert, at Kripalu Yoga Institute. Lee is the author of Live Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery: How to use Integrated Positional Therapy to eliminate chronic pain.  For more information about IPT, visit Lee’s website for more information.