FIT for Backs

FIT on Main, Carrboro, NC

Saturday November 23, 10:30 am-12:30 pm  


In this 2 hour workshop taught by Laura Terry Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor, you will learn how to protect your back from injury and degenerative changes with simple exercises to strengthen muscles that support the spine and core and gently stretch and relax muscles that are typically tight or tense. By finding this balance of support and flexibility at the core and spine, you will feel stronger, more stable, improve posture and be able to prevent injuries of the back and spine that arise from muscular imbalance.

Hand-outs will be provided.

Ruth and Laura, sisters & yoga teachers

Self Care Series Workshops with Ruth Newnam and Laura Terry

ClearWind Farm Yoga studio

7961 Scenic Trail, Chapel Hill



Align and Restore (Laura)

11/3/19, 10am-12pm

For the whole body:  yoga for stability, flexibility, and ease, integrating yoga, physical therapy, and integrative positional therapy (IPT--Laura’s specialty). This workshop creates awareness around problematic poses, safe and satisfying modifications, restorative poses for greater ease, and breath practices for a healthy nervous system. Registration recommended due to limited class size.




Roll and Restore (Ruth)

12/1/19, 1-3pm

Full body self massage, warming and restorative postures for the ultimate self care. Improve flexibility, ease tension, release adhesions, and create awareness around strength imbalances. Research shows foam rolling improves flexibility in a measurable way, enhances ease and efficiency of movement, and aids in recovery on the cellular level in the body. Use these techniques to improve your yoga practice, reduce pain, and find more balance within your body. Registration recommended due to limited class size.

$50 (props included)

Registration open later for below workshops:

Lymphatic Flow (Ruth)

1/5/20, 1-3pm

By design, yoga supports many of the organ systems in the body, including detoxifying systems like the lymphatic system. Centuries of trial and error and refining postures and breath practices have led to one of the most full body and holistic forms of movement. Twists, compression, and breath practices seem to magically improve lymphatic flow and detoxifying processes in the body. Learn sequences and poses that will enhance this built-in secret weapon of yoga. If you have specific lymphatic issues or a sluggish lymphatic system, this class is for you. Ruth is a lymphatic massage therapist, trained at the Vodder School for Manual Lymph Drainage. $50


Ultimate Neck and Shoulders Release (Laura)

2/2/20, 1-3pm

Therapeutic yoga, self massage, traditional physical therapy, and integrative positional therapy for improved posture, pain reduction, freedom and ease of movement, and shoulder stability. Laura’s care, expertise, and attention to the anatomical details will help bring your body into alignment and change your yoga practice for the better. $50


Hips and Lower Body: Release and Restore  (Laura)

3/1/20, 1-3pm

From the ground up, yoga, self massage, and physical therapy to support your feet, knees, and hips. Release tight glutes, hip flexors, feet and calves. Find stability through the pelvis and hip joints, develop safe practices for increasing flexibility, rehabilitating from injury, and reducing the likelihood of injury. Receive access to short video practices for  lower body care and recovery. $50


Hands Free Flow (Ruth)

4/5/20, 1-3pm

Get off your wrists! This warming flow class takes you through challenging sequences that keep you off your wrists, protecting your elbows, shoulders, and neck. This workshop is for those of us who like challenging flow sequences without stress on the wrists and shoulders. A former swimmer and lover of sun salutations and power flow yoga, Ruth experienced shoulder pain and stability issues after breast cancer treatment. She developed several satisfying sequences that keep the breath flowing, the heart rate up, and offer a strength, stability, and endurance challenge. Modifications and rest built in to allow for a safe and challenging practice for all levels. Access a take-home video of hands-free flow practices. $35

Course Reviews

"Laura is delightful...the class is engaging and will be helpful in the clinical practice."


"Well Done, well organized , helpful personally and professionally, relaxed learning environment."

"Laura's content was fairly heavy on expert knowledge and advanced understanding of anatomy, but she brought us all to her level through demonstration and with images, withoug having to do the kind of boring-yet-terrifying anatomy review that usually happens at the begining of of a continuing ed course. This class is definitely going to change my PT practice."

Using Yoga as your Therapeutic Exercise

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Course

Chapel Hill, NC

Saturday December 14, 9:00-5:00


Approved by NCBPTE for 7.0 Contact Hours

"Meet your clients at the Intersection of Yoga  and Physical Therapy"

Physical therapist and yoga instructor Laura Terry, PT, RYT, will show you how to incorporate the practices of yoga and mindfullness into your physical therapy philosophy.  We all know that when it comes the home exercises, compliance is key!  Yoga postures often overlap in intent and in form with common therapeutic exercises used by PT's.  By using the concepts and structure of a yoga routine as the framework for your home exercise program, you will provide your clients with novel ways of achieving the therapeutic benefits of your exercise prescription while enhancing enjoyment and ultimately compliance.  
Participants in this course will spend most of the day practicing yoga postures, breathing exercises, and learning how to effectively incorporate them into therapeutic exercise programs.  Comfortable clothing and mats will be more important than paper and pens for this course! 

Registration in advance recommended as space is limited.

To book a Yoga and PT workshop at your studio, office, climbing gym, riding stables, etc., email, call or text.

Laura is a certified continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance.

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