FIT for Necks

at FIT on Main personal training gym

207 E. Main Street

Carrboro, NC 27510

Saturday March 28, 10:30-12:30


In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to take care of your neck by improving posture and learning techniques to relieve muscular tension and pain that you can perform yourself. Through simple exercises to strengthen muscles that support the neck and gentle stretches and techniques to relax muscles that are typically tight or tense, you can find a muscular balance of support and flexibility. You will leave with the knowledge and tools to diminish or prevent neck pain and stop or reverse progression of postural and muscular imbalances at the neck and shoulders. 

Registration recommended as space is limited.

Self Care Series Workshops with Ruth Newnam and Laura Terry

ClearWind Farm Yoga studio

7961 Scenic Trail, Chapel Hill



Hands Free Flow (Ruth)

4/5/20, 1-3pm

Get off your wrists! This warming flow class takes you through challenging sequences that keep you off your wrists, protecting your elbows, shoulders, and neck. This workshop is for those of us who like challenging flow sequences without stress on the wrists and shoulders. A former swimmer and lover of sun salutations and power flow yoga, Ruth experienced shoulder pain and stability issues after breast cancer treatment. She developed several satisfying sequences that keep the breath flowing, the heart rate up, and offer a strength, stability, and endurance challenge. Modifications and rest built in to allow for a safe and challenging practice for all levels. Access a take-home video of hands-free flow practices. $35

To book a Yoga and PT workshop at your studio, office, climbing gym, riding stables, etc., email, call or text.

Laura is a certified continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance.

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