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Yoga Hour

Recorded versions of the live-streamed class available for purchase on MySafeYogaHome Vimeo channel. 

An all levels class that is a balanced mix of postures. Because our bodies and their histories are all different, modifications, adaptations and variations of poses are encouraged in this class.


Yoga + Functional Movement 

Recorded versions of the live-streamed class available for for purchase on MySafeYogaHome Vimeo channel.

A gentle class, focused on correcting common postural and muscular imbalances. A therapeutic approach to yoga combined with self care techniques, this class can be a complement to your activities of work, play, and exercise, as well as a stand-alone self-care practice. 


Short (<15 minutes) online yoga practices with Laura (and Ruth) are now available online on Vimeo:

Wrist Care

Hips and Lower Body

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Back and Pelvis

Instructional videos

Down Dog Primer

If you've ever wondered what you should be doing in down dog, watch this video and follow along.

"Back Saver" Sun Salutation 

This sun salutation takes out the straight leg forward folds, that can be fraught with low back and hamstring injury, and uses a bent knee position. Watch and follow along, so you can practice at home.

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